Traditional Catalog Sales

Once you sign up we will drop off flyers/brochures/order forms and you will be ready to start selling our delicious popcorn! Sellers collect both orders and payment. Once everything is collected we will come help count the orders and money. Delivery takes approximately 2.5 weeks and your program keeps 40% of the sales.

Online Sales

Once you sign up you can get started and begin fundraising the same day with our 100% virtual option. Sellers can share our QR code, Facebook, Instagram, or website so buyers can order. Once final orders are placed it takes approximately 2.5 weeks for delivery and your program keeps 40% of sales

Hybrid Sales

We also offer the best of both worlds by offering a hybrid option. This allows your program to sell in person with brochures and online. Once all orders are in it takes 2.5 weeks for delivery.